Duluth, Minnesota's 9-member City Council on Monday voted in favor of a resolution objecting to a proposed constitutional amendment that would bar the state from recognizing gay and lesbian couples with marriage, Fox 21 News reported.

The measure cleared the chamber with a 6-2 vote, with one counselor absent.

Eight people spoke in favor of the resolution before the council voted.

“This is a very personal issue,” Lynn Youngblom said before the meeting. “It's about the people of Duluth and for the city council to take a stand to oppose this amendment, I think it sends a very strong message to not only our city, but to the state.”

Councilor Todd Fedora opposed the measure, saying the council should not be voting on social items.

“The people in the state of Minnesota are going to be able to vote on this constitutional amendment based on what their own personal beliefs are and so I think it's a waste of our resources to be offering an opinion on behalf of the Duluth City Council,” he said.