New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said approving gay marriage in his state has provided acceptance for millions of people and their families.

Cuomo is often credited for passage of marriage equality in the New York Senate, where the bill fizzled two years earlier. Skeptics at the start of the legislative session gave the bill little chance of passage in the Republican-controlled chamber.

In a wide-ranging interview with men's fashion glossy GQ, Cuomo said momentum worked in his favor on the bill.

“First, the budged worked. The budget comes up first – this was February. After the budget, you go through what's called the legislative session, which is passing the normal bills. That worked. So now you had a sense of momentum. And the body politic was enjoying success. And then we did marriage equality last, which was the hardest of the session issues. But I think at that point there was a lot of energy, a lot of momentum. People – the legislature – liked getting things done.”

“[T]here are issues that come across your desk … that you just say, 'This is absurd.' Marriage equality changed life for people. When we did the gay-pride parade after the passage? I can't tell you how many family members, friends, sisters and brother … It provided a level of acceptance for millions of people. And their families.”

Cuomo added that arguing against gay marriage because gay and lesbian couples cannot conceive without a third party but not applying the same rules to straight couples was illogical.

“You can get married if you don't want to make a baby or if you can't – except if you're gay! There's no logic,” Cuomo said.