Gary Johnson is considering leaving the Republican Party in part because of its anti-gay rhetoric.

The former New Mexico governor and presidential candidate told gay glossy The Advocate that he's considering seeking the Libertarian nomination.

Johnson, whose common sense and good judgment were recently lauded in a GQ story titled Is Gary Johnson the Sanest Man Running for President?, came out in support of gay marriage earlier this month during an online town hall with Jimmy LaSalvia, co-founder and executive director of gay GOP group GOProud. Johnson previously supported civil unions for gay and lesbian couples.

“I've been in the Republican Party my entire life,” Johnson told the magazine. “And I don't feel like I'm leaving the Republican Party as much as the party is leaving me.”

Johnson said the anti-gay rhetoric of some candidates in his party was “deeply offensive.”

“I don't think I'm different than a lot of Americans, in that when you grow up, there's a negative prejudice built against gays. You're just bombarded by it,” Johnson said. “And then, in my life, I've come to find out that I have friends who are gay. And it makes me feel horrible that I would in any way potentially add to discrimination against them. Every single candidate talks about equality, freedom, liberty: Doesn't that all start with a person's right to conduct their own lives as they see fit?”