Rick Perry, Brett Ratner, Blake Shelton and Tracy Morgan top a list naming the year's biggest homophobes.

“From homophobic commercials by politicians, to celebrities tweeting anti-gay messages to their millions of followers, to slurs used by some of Hollywood's elite, here are the people from this year that have exhibited the most brash and pronounced homophobia in 2011,” the site Ranker.com wrote in announcing its top 10 list.

Texas Governor Perry tops the list with his anti-gay ad Strong.

In the 30-second ad released last week in early caucus state Iowa, Perry says there is something wrong with America when gay troops can serve openly in the military but children cannot openly celebrate Christmas. The ad has been widely lampooned on the Internet.

Director Brett Ratner created controversy and ultimately decided to step down as producer of this year's upcoming Academy Awards after saying “rehearsing is for fags.”

Country music star Blake Shelton suggested in a tweet that anti-gay violence was OK when he altered the lyrics to Shania Twain's Any Man of Mine to include a line that said he would beat a man if he touched his ass. Shelton immediately apologized.

During a comedy routine in Nashville, 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan drew the ire of gay rights groups when he said he would kill his son if he were gay. Morgan later met with gay teens and apologized for his rant.