Singer Courtney Love has posed for the NOH8 Campaign, the silent protest which raises awareness and funds for gay rights causes, including ending California's 2008 voter-approved gay marriage ban, Proposition 8.

The 47-year-old Love (born Courtney Michelle Harrison) is the frontwoman for the alternative rock ban Hole.

Love's participation in the campaign, however, drew jeers from several gay bloggers who said posing for a gay rights campaign doesn't make up for past indiscretions.

“We've been Courtney fans through thick and thin: back to when nut-job theorist swore she killed [husband] Kurt [Cobain], through her various tangles with the law and a variety of plastic surgeons, the America's Sweetheart album that even she ragged on, years of paranoid rants detailing that people were conspiring to steal from her, and even [daughter] Frances Bean Cobain said she didn't want to hear from her anymore,” wrote gay blog

“But in the past year Courtney has warned Lady Gaga of the perils of surrounding herself with gay men and allowed her drummer to encourage audience members 'The Foo Fighters are gay.'”

In her photograph, Love wears a white t-shirt and several tattoos are visible.