Rick Perry has said he supports the Boy Scouts' right to discriminate against gays.

Perry made his remarks during a wide-ranging interview with the Des Moines Register's editorial board. The paper is expected to endorse a GOP candidate next week.

The 61-year-old Perry was asked to expand on what he meant in his charge that President Barack Obama has waged a war on religion, a claim which he made in a widely-parodied video released last week in Iowa titled Strong.

In the 30-second video, the Texas governor says there is something wrong with America when gay troops can serve openly in the military but children cannot openly celebrate Christmas

Perry, who earned the rank of Eagle Scout, referenced his 2008 book On My Honor: Why The American Values Of The Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For in answering the question.

“The Supreme Court should not be making legislative decisions. Telling Americans how to live. Whether it's about prayer in school. Whether you can celebrate Christmas. Those are decisions that should be left to the states or to the individuals.”

“His [Obama's] Justice Department who is defending this ministerial exception. I think that is a direct attack on our people of faith and churches, basically saying that you cannot discriminate, if you will, someone who doesn't believe what you believe in hiring and firing of ministers and other staff.”

“It's like Boy Scouts,” Perry said.

My book “gets into the issue of whether or not scouting should be able to restrict an openly gay scout master. Very private sector organization. That should be their call. And you have them spending substantial amounts of money defending lawsuits that have said look you have to … and … those are my beliefs.”

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