Ron Paul's Iowa campaign director Michael Heath once blamed the nation's financial crisis on gay marriage.

Heath was pushed out of the Christian conservative group Maine Family Policy Council, which he headed for 15 years, in 2009 for his aggressive anti-gay sentiments as the group pushed for a “people's veto” on a gay marriage law approved by Maine lawmakers. (Ultimately, the law was repealed. Gay marriage activists are considering a return to the ballot box in 2012.)

“Homosexuality is very sad, and sinful. Maine must not create a culture that winks at something so debilitating on so many levels. To present this 'orientation' as benign to impressionable children is the height of arrogance, and surely qualifies as evil,” Heath wrote at the group's blog.

In a September 25, 2008 blog post titled The Nation Will Right Itself If It Fixes Sex at his now closed personal website (, Heath wrote that the financial crisis is a symptom of America's sinful sexual culture, including the acceptance of gay unions.

“Our crisis is a symptom, not the cause,” said Heath. “I am not saying I know whether this financial crisis is God's judgment or not. It is not for me to know that definitively.”

But Heath went on to list policy changes that would make God “crack a smile,” including: End abortion rights and defund non-profit groups supporting it, amend state constitutions to ban gay marriage and eliminate domestic partnerships and civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, and end discrimination against private religious schools and homeschools.

In accepting his resignation, the board of the Maine Family Policy Council said Heath had become a “lightning rod.”

Heath told Yahoo! News this week that he's heading church outreach for the Paul campaign in Iowa.

“That's the biggest part of what I'm doing as state director,” Heath said. “Going to churches with a message in support of Dr. Paul's campaign's that is very much faith-based and is also rooted in his commitment to a constitutionally defined limited federal government.”

At a Thanksgiving forum hosted by the Family Leader, the state's leading socially conservative group, Paul disagreed with GOP rivals Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann on amending the U.S. Constitutional to define marriage as a heterosexual union.

And in an interview with the Des Moines Register's editorial board, Paul said he believes the government should “butt out” of the marriage business.

However, while Paul believes social issues such as gay marriage should be left up to the states, he has also said he is personally opposed to marriage equality.