Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Dell, Apple and Gap are among the 190 companies scoring top marks in the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) latest Corporate Equality Index (CEI).

The 2012 edition of the index, released last week, ranks 190 companies with a perfect score.

HRC ranked each company on several gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workplace policies and assigned a rating from 0- to 100- percent.

A record 337 companies ranked 100 percent in last year's index and received the group's coveted Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality designation.

In 2012, however, HRC upped the ante. For the first time, companies must provide coverage for medically necessary care for transgender individuals to receive a 100 percent rating.

“A remarkable 190 businesses succeeded in scoring 100 percent,” HRC President Joe Solmonese said in the report. “This rating reflects equal health care coverage for all LGBT employees and their families, including full parity for domestic partner benefits not only in basic medical coverage, but in dependent care, retirement and other benefits that affect families' financial and medical well-being.”

Ten of the top 20 Fortune-ranked companies scored a 100% rating, including Chevron (Fortune rank 3), Bank of America (5), AT&T (7), Ford Motor (8), JPMorgan Chase (9), Hewlett-Packard (10), Citigroup (12), Cardinal Health (17), Well Fargo (19) and IBM (20).

Top 20 Fortune-ranked companies which scored poorly include Verizon (20% score), Berkshire Hathaway (15%), Wal-Mart (60%) and Exxon Mobil (-25%).