A Fred Karger parody of Rick Perry's anti-gay ad Strong has Perry apologizing for the blunder.

In the ad released on Monday, Perry says there is something wrong with America when gay troops can serve openly in the military but children cannot openly celebrate Christmas and accuses President Barack Obama of waging a war on religion.

In Karger's 30-second parody, he walks through a similar outdoor setting as he talks into the camera.

“I'm Rick Perry and I admit that I'm a … I'm ashamed of making that ad about gays in the military and all. I guess I was just desperate because I'm low in the polls. Now my video is the most disliked video in YouTube history.”

“I guess hate weakens America. And I want America to be strong,” he says as he puffs out his chest to emphasize the word “strong.”

“Rick Perry might not approve of this message but I do. I'm Fred Karger.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

Karger, a gay marriage advocate and former GOP political consultant, is America's first openly gay presidential candidate.

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