A plurality of Colorado voters support giving gay and lesbian couples the right to marry, a new poll has found.

The Public Policy Polling survey found 76 percent of Colorado voters support marriage or civil unions for gay and lesbian couples, and more respondents support marriage equality than do not.

Forty-seven percent of those contacted said they believe gay marriage should be legal, while forty-three percent disagreed. Ten percent said they did not know.

Seven-hundred-and-ninety-three voters were surveyed, and the poll has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

When civil unions are included, 42 percent of respondents favor full marriage, 34 percent civil unions, 23 no recognition and 2 percent are not sure.

Support for gay unions among Democrats has increased 9 points since August to eighty-seven percent. Eighty percent of independents (up four points) and sixty percent of Republicans (up three points) also support gay couples.

An effort to legalize civil unions in the state died in a House committee last year after winning passage in the Senate. Lawmakers will attempt a second push during the upcoming legislative session.