The legalization of gay marriage has boosted Iowa's economy, a new study from the California-based Williams Institute has found.

According to the study, the weddings of gay and lesbian couples added between $12 and $13 million to the Iowa economy in the first 12 months since it was legalized in April of 2009. State and local tax coffers increased by an estimated $850,000 to $930,000 from the weddings.

At least 2,099 such weddings took place in the first year, 1,233 of which were between out-of-state gay couples.

“It is possible that out-of-state same-sex couples spent up to an additional $1.6 million on tourism during their brief stay in Iowa,” the report's authors said.

Troy Price, executive director of One Iowa, the state's largest gay rights advocate, said in a statement that the study showed that marriage equality has a positive impact.

“The Williams Institute report demonstrates once again that marriage equality has had, and continues to have, only a positive impact on our state,” said Price.

“Our opponents continue to try and take away marriage equality and erase the financial impact that marriage has on our communities and our state. But it begs the question – at a time when people are looking for work and every Iowan is hoping for stronger economic growth, why would we pass a discriminatory constitutional amendment that would hurt not only loving and committed gay and lesbian couples, but our fragile economy as well?” Price added, referring to Republican-led efforts to place a gay marriage ban in the Iowa Constitution.