Singer Ricky Martin is outraged over Puerto Rican lawmakers' plans to remove gays from hate crimes laws.

The 39-year-old Martin said the proposed change made him “sad” and chided lawmakers to do their homework.

“I'm very sad about the turn the discussion on Criminal Law is taking in Puerto Rico that proposes the elimination of aggravating factors in cases where crimes are committed out of prejudice toward the victim,” the Puerto Rican native said in a post on his website.

The Puerto Rico Senate has already approved the bill that would eliminate sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, ethnicity and religion from the current statute. The House is expected to take up the issue during an upcoming special legislative session.

Martin said some lawmakers are “promoting inequality and hate.”

“They ought to do their homework and review a little the Universal Declaration of Human Rights … which says 'Everyone (the citizens) are equal before the law and have, without distinction, the right to EQUAL protection under the law.'”