Peter Sprigg of the Christian conservative group Family Research Council (FRC) says being gay is a choice that is harmful.

During an appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), Sprigg condemned President Barack Obama's decision to tie foreign aid to gay rights, and remarks by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a major speech delivered Tuesday, Clinton said gay rights were human rights in calling on foreign governments to stop discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

“If this was any other issue, we would be accused of cultural imperialism,” Sprigg said. “Imposing Western values on foreign countries that have values on their own. Yet, it shows how fanatical the Obama administration is about pressing this homosexual agenda that they are willing to do that on this issue in a way they won't with others.”

On being gay, Sprigg said: “These type of human rights and civil rights protections are usually granted for characteristics that are inborn, involuntary – you can't chose them – immutable – you can't change them – and innocuous – they do no harm to anyone. All of those things are true of race and sex, none of them is true of the choice to engage in homosexual conduct.”

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