Singer Lady Gaga and her mother on Tuesday met with Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett to discuss efforts to end the bullying of young people, including gay teens, CBS News reported.

The 25-year-old Lady Gaga earlier announced that she was launching in 2012 the Born This Way Foundation, which will be aimed at ending schoolyard bullying.

In a post published at the White House's website, Jarrett said she was moved by Lady Gaga's commitment to the issue.

“Lady Gaga has described this cause as a personal one – she has said that as a child, she was often picked on for being different. I am deeply moved by the way she has used her story, and her success, to inspire young people, and shine the spotlight on important issues.”

Jarrett also touted the administration's record on the issue.

“I am proud to be part of an Administration that has taken steps to address bullying. In 2010, the Department of Education made it clear to schools that allowing bullying against LGBT students can violate anti-discrimination statutes. In 2011, the Department reaffirmed students' rights to form gay-straight alliances and other similar groups. Earlier this year, President Obama and the First Lady held a White House Conference on Bullying Prevention. And today the Administration released a new analysis of state bullying laws and policies, summarizing the efforts currently in place to prevent bullying in and out of schools. The report shows that while states have made recent progress in enacting policies and legislation to address bullying, more must be done.”

“As we continue protecting our children, we look forward to working with Lady Gaga, the Born This Way Foundation, and with every American who is willing to help make our society more kind, inclusive, and equal,” she added.