Rick Santorum has said he objects to gay marriage because it would lead to gay and lesbian couples being recognized in schools, ABC News reported.

The 53-year-old Santorum made his remarks on Monday during a campaign stop at Dordt College, a small Christian school in Sioux City, Iowa.

When recent graduate Jason Kornelis, 23, said he did not see how marriage equality would “be a hit to faith and family in America,” a bewildered Santorum asked: “You can't think of any consequences?”

If legalized, an irritated Santorum argued, then “their sexual activity” would be seen as “equal” to heterosexual sex and it would be taught in schools.

“Really-wow-um okay, well let's see if we can have a discussion. We can flesh out some, well, let's look at what's going to be taught in our schools because now we have same-sex couples being the same and their sexual activity being seen as equal and being affirmed by society as heterosexual couples and their activity.”

“So what is going to be taught to our people in health class in our schools? What is going to be taught to our children about who in our stories, even to little children – what are married couples? What families look like in America? So, you are going to have in our curriculum spread throughout our curriculum worldview that is fundamentally different that what is taught in schools today? Is that not a consequence of gay marriage?”

Santorum, considered the GOP presidential field's most vocal opponent of gay rights, insisted that Kornelis was wrong.

“[I]n fact you have to know you're wrong, because if we say legally if this type of relationship is identical to other type [of] relationships then of course more of it will be taught because this is what the law says.”