A gay couple living in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio woke up Friday to find a death threat spray painted on their home, WBNS 10TV News reported.

David Koch and his partner of 25 years, who asked not to be identified, were called out to their Westerville yard at 6AM by a neighbor to find two phrases spray painted in bright yellow: “Move or Die” and “Die fag.”

The couple, who has lived in their condo for 14 years, said the threats came hours after Koch spoke out at a condo association meeting.

“I mean, it's just cruel,” Koch said. “It's juvenile, there's a civil way of handling things between adults, and this isn't it.”

A security camera tripped off by a motion detector was spray painted over.

Local police and the FBI are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

“This is the work of a coward,” Koch told NBC 4. “Because if somebody has some kind of issue with me I think they would come up to me and confront me.”

“I think some of my neighbors are more upset about it than I am,” he added.