Rick Santorum continues to champion social values as the key to winning the GOP presidential nomination.

Despite polling in the single digits in early caucus state Iowa, Santorum hit at Newt Gingrich – who is polling at 25 percent in the state – for not putting a greater emphasis on social issues.

Santorum, possibly the GOP presidential field's most vocal anti-gay candidate, made his remarks during an appearance Sunday on ABC's This Week.

“[I]n terms of social issue, [Gingrich], you know, has been married three times, he has two divorces,” host Christiane Amanpour said. “He's admitted to infidelity, should voters hold that against him? Is that relevant?”

“Oh, I think character is definitely an issue,” Santorum answered. “You know, I think they have to make a decision based upon the person's entire record. And certainly character counts.”

“And I think they look at – you know, I have been married 21 years. I have 7 children, that's a factor that people are going to look at and should look at when it comes to the person you're going to have to lead the country. This is not someone who just ...”

“Is he a real conservative with the social values that ...” Amanpour interrupted.

“I think Newt has consistently put those in the back of the bus. He has never really been an advocate of pushing those issues. Newt is someone who likes to get issues that are 80 to 90 percent of the polls.”

Santorum's remarks come just days after an anonymous Christian conservative group in Iowa launched an attack ad against Gingrich's claim that he's a strong proponent of family.

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