Anton Hysen is considering an offer to play professional soccer in the United States, which would make him America's first male major league professional athlete to be out during his career.

Hysen, the son of former Liverpool defender Gleen Hysen, came out gay last February. The 20-year-old Hysen currently plays for Sweden's Utsiktens BK.

According to Sportsbladet, Hysen has been approached by Major League Soccer (MLS) clubs the Sporting Kansas City and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

“I talked with them and it looks good, I can say,” Hysen said. “They are interested. It was a good talk and they have said what they want.”

Hysen, who speaks fluent English, earlier told UK gay glossy Attitude that being out wasn't a big deal.

“I really don't think it's a big thing,” he said. “I mean, of course, it's brave but why should it be brave?”

“Maybe I'm stupid but it's just so normal for me because I'm so secure with myself and my family. But I see it's big for others and that it's been taboo in football (European soccer). That's sad. Where are all the others?” he added.