A gay marriage video from Australia titled It's Time has racked up more than 3 million views on YouTube.

In the ad, which plays more like a short film, Paul is seen meeting someone on a boat. Birthdays, rollercoaster rides and days at the beach follow. In the film's final frames, Paul's companion is finally revealed as an overjoyed Paul gets down on one knee and proposes marriage to his boyfriend. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

The nearly 2-minute ad was produced by the progressive group GetUp. The group's Paul Mackay told gay glossy The Advocate that the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“To say we've been overwhelmed by the positive response we've had is an understatement,” Mackay said. “We never expected celebrities would tweet about it or massive international sources like yours would be interested in covering it.”

Mackay added that gay marriage foes derided the ad for “duping” them.

“Funnily enough, much of the negative feedback we've received has centered around people's dismay that they were 'duped' by the video. Many people have written in saying, 'How dare you not flag the true nature of the video!' or 'You showed me a beautiful love story then ruined it by revealing a terrible gay relationship!'”

GetUp is lobbying the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the nation's dominant party, to support gay marriage in its platform with an online petition campaign. The party is scheduled to vote on the issue during its 46th National Conference, which opens Friday in Sydney. GetUp will deliver the petition to lawmakers at their convention.