Wedding Pride, News Corporation's glossy devoted to gay and lesbian weddings, has been described as “flawed” by gay rights proponents.

Wedding Pride: The Magazine for Gay and Lesbian Wedding Planning is published by CNG Publications, a unit of New York-based Community Newspaper Group, which is owned by News Corporation, the parent company of the right-leaning cabler Fox News.

Equality Matters' Carlos Maza criticized several articles published in the glossy's premiere issue.

In Planning Your Big Gay Wedding, the author writes: “Now that same-sex marriage is legal, you're anxious to say, 'I do' – but planning your wedding means redefining a process that has been set in stone for thousands of years.”

“[R]eferring to marriage equality as a 'redefinition' is a tactic frequently used by anti-gay groups and activists to gin up fears about the consequences of allowing gay couples to marry,” Maza wrote.

In a second story, the author – a self-described heterosexual – uses the word “homosexuals” to describe recently married gay couples.

“Listen here, homosexuals – we know you've been having plenty of great sex for years, and you don't need this hetero (no matter how 'gifted' I am) to give you pointers. But wedding night is a whole different ball game. And you need to be ready to hit a grand slam,” Gersh Kuntzman wrote in his column Parting Gift.

The word “homosexual,” Maza notes, “carries some serious anti-gay baggage.”

“It's possible that Kuntzman was using the term 'homosexuals' to be facetious, but the magazine uses the word in four other instances in two other articles.”

Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation also owns the New York Post. The tabloid opposed passage of the law which made New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage in June.

And Fox News has been criticized for its coverage of the law's start in July. According to Equality Matters, MSNBC devoted six full segments to the topic, CNN ten and Fox News zero.