After last week's surprising news that New York state would begin recognizing valid same-sex marriages from states and countries that allow them, imagine my delight to hear that an Oregon petition which aimed to block implementation of the state's same-sex partnership fell short of the 55,179 needed signatures. If successful the petition would have referred the law to the November 2008 ballot. Instead the law went into effect immediately, giving same-sex Oregon couples one more option this Valentines day!

I''m going to tase your attack dogs, break into your house, and leave a 5x7 personalized and autographed photo of Senator Hillary Clinton on your dresser or permanently install a life-sized, preaching Mike Huckabee mannequin in your living room. Keep reading to find out which.

On Top Magazine was first to bring you details on how Cuba's Communist Party was considering granting same-sex couples legal recognition. Now Culture Minister Abel Prieto is supporting full gay marriage for Cubans.

While Amy Winehouse has found notoriety in topping the charts with her musical rehab refusal as her life unraveled landing her in a rehab facility, this week it was rehab for many other celebrities. Late last week, actress Eva Mendes entered a facility only to check out this week, on Thursday actress Kirsten Dunst checked into a facility in Utah, and rounding out the week, on Friday the Insider, Pat O'Brien, checked back into rehab. I've already alerted Dr. Phil.

Heart-shaped “Me Too” candies and Scooby Doo cards aside, we are approaching a silly holiday. If you find yourself dreaming of dreamy blue eyes this February 14th, do this: Toss back two raw egg yolks with Tabasco sauce and pepper, followed by a Russian vodka shooter. It won't get you dreamy blue eyes, but you'll have other worries to mind yourself with.

If that doesn't work, here's Bob the Love Bunny in the mood for luuuvvv!

It was our own Gay Entertainment Report this week that brought you gay fodder concerning CBS's Big Brother 9. This extra season of the hit reality season includes an exciting twist. Unknown to this season's 16 contestants producers have paired each with their soul mate which they will need to play the game with. Among the contestants we find a pair of gay males, Joshuah, 25, and Neil, 29. Is Big Brother playing gay cupid?

I had questions for the Applebee's® apple that kept me from sleeping at night. Questions such as: How does the Applebee's® apple talk or eat? Does the Applebee's® apple have handlers who usher her from restaurant to restaurant? I got the Applebee's® apple on the phone to ask her myself.

“Hello, Applebee's® apple,” I said upon hearing back from her. “Hi there, baby,” the Applebee's® apple responded. “I wanted to congratulate you on being the new Applebee's® spokesapple. I hope I'm not disturbing you,” I said. “Oh, baby, no, I'm just hanging at my favorite hot-spot, Applebee's®, chasing down a salad with a cheesecake shooter – bang, bang, baby!” “Well, how did you get to be the Applebee's® mascot, I mean you're only an apple?” I asked. “Oh no, baby, I'm a beautiful woman. A beautiful black woman who loves life and Applebee's®,” she responded. “I'm looking at your head shot and you're an apple, a red Macintosh apple I believe – good for baking. Is this some kind of ventriloquist act?” I asked. “A ventriloquist! An Apple!” the Applebee's® apple let out, then added, “You need to get it together, baby!” and hung-up the phone.

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