CBS has apparently deleted a David Letterman joke about Michele and Marcus Bachmann's Christian counseling clinics.

The Bachmanns run two clinics in Minnesota. Critics have noted that counselors at the clinics practice “reparative” therapy, which attempts to alter a gay person's sexual orientation.

Michele Bachmann had earlier defended the practice by saying that not including the therapy would be discriminatory.

Letterman told Late Show viewers during his monologue that he was tired of the multiple Republican debates.

“Tired of this idiotic yaking and yaking,” he said. “And they were all there tonight. Newt was there. Mitt was there. Herman was there. Michele O'Bachmann was there, checking coats.”

“And if you're a homosexual, her husband will take care of ya,” Letterman said with a laugh.

“He's got a thing, a camp or a clinic or something. And if you're a homosexual and you feel you're in the need of some special treatment or counseling, he'll take care of you.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Gay blog Towleroad noticed that CBS had pulled the joke from its official website. The network acted perhaps after Bachmann complained that the Jimmy Fallon show band had displayed sexism and bias during her Tuesday appearance on NBC's Late Night.