In the January issue (#16) of Life with Archie – the comic which looks at the possible future lives of Archie characters – gay pal Kevin Keller marries.

Cover artwork for the issue shows Keller and his husband Clay standing in a front of Just Married sign as the gang cheers on.

In the issue, Kevin, who arrived at Riverdale High last September and first came out gay to Jughead at Pop's Chocklit Shoppe, returns from war to get hitched, while Archie separates from his wife Veronica.

“Kevin followed in his father's footsteps and is returning to Riverdale as a war hero, but that's not all – It's Kevin's wedding day!” Archie Comic Publications said in a release.

Opponents of gay rights criticized the storyline.

The storyline will help launch February's anticipated new comic, titled Kevin Keller. Kevin will reportedly become president of his high school class but will also face “adversity.”

“It is unfortunate that a comic book series usually seen as depicting innocent, all-American life is now being used to advance the sexual revolution,” Peter Spriggs of the Christian conservative Family Research Council told Fox News in September.

“I think whatever boost in sales might come from the novelty or curiosity factor will be more than offset by the number of both kids and parents who will be turned off by this storyline and its obvious social and political agenda,” he added.