Search giant Google is being praised for significantly increasing the health care benefits of its transgender employees in the United States.

According to gay glossy The Advocate, company officials announced the new updated coverage internally on Friday.

Coverage for transitioning procedures and treatment has been increased to met the World Professional Association for Transgender Health's (WPATH) Standards of Care.

Google spokesman Jordan Newman told the magazine that the company agreed to cover “the full range of procedures under WPATH.”

He added that “WPATH Standards of Care are considered the highest standards of care for transgender individuals.”

“The folks at Google are clearly dedicated to providing a work environment that fosters everyone's ability to be their own authentic selves, as it was never a question of 'if' or 'why,' but rather 'how' to offer the best health care benefits possible to transgender employees,” Masen Davis, executive director of the Transgender Law Center in San Francisco, said in a statement. “This is as courageous as it is unprecedented.”

Google's move is expected to spur other tech giants to offer similar benefits.