Filmmaker John Waters has said he wishes some gay folks would return to the closet.

The 65-year-old, openly gay Waters said during a wide-ranging interview with that he worries about the dilution of gay culture.

“I miss it [gay culture],” Waters said. “I'm for gay marriage. I don't want it, but I certainly think people should be allowed to, and I wouldn't vote for anybody that would be against it.”

“But at the same time, why do we have to be good now? Why can't we be villains in movies?”

“I wish some gay people would go back in [the closet],” he added. “We have enough.”

Waters, who rose to fame in the early 70s producing cult films that straddled the line between porn and cinema, has toned down his films in recent decades, many of which have a mainstream appeal. They include Ricki Lake in Hairspray, Johnny Depp in Cry-Bay, and Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom. His latest film, A Dirty Shame, starred Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaak and Selma Blair.

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