Gay rights foe Randy Thomasson has praised Thursday's California Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8 as “a measure of sanity.”

In a unanimous ruling, the court found that Proposition 8 backers have legal standing to defend the amendment in court, because otherwise state officials would have the right to veto a voter-approved initiative.

Protect Marriage, the coalition of mostly religious groups which put Proposition 8 on the 2008 ballot after the state's highest court had legalized gay marriage, last year appealed retired federal Judge Vaughn Walker's ruling declaring the law unconstitutional after state elected officials had refused to do so.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals turned to the state Supreme Court to answer whether the group had the legal right to defend the amendment in court.

Thomasson, the president of the Christian conservative group Save California, praised the ruling.

“This is a measure of sanity that has overcome last year's nonsensical and biased ruling of the homosexual Judge Vaughn Walker, who viciously attacked the sacred institution of marriage between a man and a woman,” Thomasson told

“He arrogantly struck down the people's vote. He even denied the people of California the basic right to be represented in court,” he added.

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