Rick Santorum has assured lesbian filmmaker Kristina Lapinski that being gay is a choice.

At a candidates forum in New Hampshire on Thursday, Lapinski asked GOP presidential rivals Newt Gingrich and Santorum their thoughts on a federal amendment that would ban gay marriage, gay glossy The Advocate reported.

“Marriage is between a man and a woman!” Gingrich answered.

Santorum said that during his tenure in the Senate many Republicans wanted to steer clear of the issue for fear of a backlash.

“When I was in the U.S. Senate, this was not difficult to understand; one of the toughest things I had to do was to get the Republicans to support me to ban same-sex marriage,” he said.

After the forum, Lapinski got personal with Santorum, asking him, “What would you do if I was your daughter?”

“I would love you,” a smiling Santorum answered.

“Would you want me to get married and have a family?”

“Only if it were with a man.”

“But I am not attracted to men,” Lapinski noted.

“But it is your choice.”

“Rick, it is not my choice!”

“Like anything in life,” Santorum said, “it is a choice. You may feel this is the way that it is supposed to be; you make decisions in life, and you choose what is right.”