Two Des Moines, Iowa-area bakeries are coming to the rescue after a baker denied a wedding cake to a lesbian couple.

Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers were told by Victoria Childress, owner of Victoria's Cake Cottage, that her religious convictions would not allow her to sell them a wedding cake for their upcoming ceremony.

“They came in and she introduced herself, and I said, 'Is this your sister?' [She said,] 'No, this is my partner.' I said, 'OK,' and I asked them to sit down and I said, 'We need to talk,'” Childress told KCCI. “I said, 'I'll tell you I'm a Christian, and I do have convictions.' And I said, 'I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm not going to be able to do your cake.”

“I didn't do the cake because of my convictions for their lifestyle,” Childress added. “It is my right as a business owner. And it's not to discriminate against them.”

Amanda Laurich, who owns and operates Three Chicks Bakery out of her home, and The Devilish Pig Bakery co-owners Dana Schaub and Cythia Hendrickson disagreed with Childress' move.

“I have a lot of gay friends and gay family members,” Laurich said. “If any of them wanted to get married, I wouldn't want them to go through the stress or feeling disappointed and having that take away from the thing that should be really special for their day.”

“To have someone say, 'Well, I'm sorry because your lifestyle is different from mine, I'm not going to take care of you and help you. And I don't want your business,' It's wrong on so many levels,” Schaub said.

“As Christians, we are supposed to be unselfish, and do things for the greatest good of mankind, and not pass judgment,” Hendrickson added.