A coalition of religious-based women's groups in Ghana on Sunday pledged to discourage gay sex in the African nation, Ghana-based news site MyJoyOnline.com reported.

“[G]ay rights are not human rights,” said Madam Hajai Hajara Telley, president of the Inter-Faith Women Association, an NGO, in presenting the resolution at a press conference.

Indulging in gay sex “is a taboo in Africa, it is against our rich culture and tradition, and reduces human beings to the level of animals,” she added.

Groups represented at the conference included Muslim Women of Northern Region, Presbyterian Women, Council of Catholic Women, Anglican Women, Market Women's Association and the Police Wives Association.

The group's resolution states that “lesbian and gay lifestyles are against the Holy books of Bible and Koran upon which our faith and lives are built and we shall never accept or allow such lifestyles or practices in our society.”

The coalition also railed against British Prime Minister David Cameron's announcement that some UK aid would be tied to gay rights.

“We prefer to die of lack of his support to reducing ourselves to the level of animals – homosexuals and especially to go against our faith, the divine law and our culture and tradition.”

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