Filmmaker David Furnish has said he believes his son will be part of the generation to live in an AIDS-free world.

Last Christmas day, Furnish and singer Elton John welcomed baby Zachary to their family.

During an interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Furnish, the chairman of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, said he became active in the fight against AIDS after watching many of his friends succumb to the disease in the 80s.

“And I watched them die very solitary, stigmatized deaths,” Furnish said. “This is a disease that has killed 30 million people, and 37 million people on our planet are living with the virus. It's a pandemic. Having been personally affected by it, it feel it's important to get involved as much as possible.”

“I would like to see my son in his lifetime live in a world without AIDS,” he later added. “And whether we discover a vaccine or a cure, if we can address stigma and homophobia, we can stop the disease from being spread to other people. And since we know with the programs we're doing around the world that we can prevent mother-to-child transmission in HIV-positive mothers, we can literally visualize an AIDS-free next generation – and my son is going to be a part of that.”