Teammates of professional soccer player David Testo support his decision to come out gay.

The 30-year-old Testo came out publicly during a CBS Radio-Canada interview last week.

“I'm a homosexual, I'm gay. I didn't choose this. This is just who I am. It has nothing to do with if you're good at soccer. And you still can be an amazing soccer player and be gay,” he said.

The North Carolina native has previously played for the Vancouver Whitecaps, the Columbus Crew and Richmond Kickers. He joined the Montreal Impact in 2007 but is without a contract.

Two Impact players say they admire Testo's courage to come forward.

“I come from a country where there's really, you know, a macho mentality,” Eduardo Sebrango, a Cuban-born Canadian, told the Montreal Gazette. “I think things are getting better, but for guys who are gay in professional sport, especially, things are a lot harder.”

“But being in Quebec and Montreal, especially, people here are much more accepting, and I think David felt like this was home for him, more than when we were in Vancouver.”

“I'm glad he did [come out],” said Nevio Pizzolitto, “because he's in a position where he can inspire a lot of people to do the same.”

“What David did was great,” he added.