The 2007 lesbian film I Can't Think Straight is planning a return as a web series.

In the original film, Jordanian of Palestinian descent Tala (played by Lisa Ray) and British Indian Leyla (Sheetal Sheth) fall in love despite their cultural differences. Directed and written by Shamin Sarif and produced by Hanan Kattan, the film has become a cult favorite. (A trailer for the original film is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Now Sarif and Kattan say they want to remake the film as a web series and are looking to finance the show's first tentative 15-episode season through direct fundraising.

Sarif said she wanted the opportunity to “develop more of the family dynamics and to take Tala and Leyla's relationship further.”

“We took it to TV networks but they wanted to either lose the cultural backgrounds or have the core love story be abusive. But it is the sense of hope and possibility – despite the odds – that people have responded to,” she said.

“We believe that with fan support, we can keep our creative independence,” Kattan explained.

The producers' fundraising site went live on Friday at