Annise Parker has overcome attacks based on her sexual orientation to win a second term as mayor of Houston.

The 55-year-old, openly lesbian Parker on Tuesday narrowly avoided a runoff by securing more than 50 percent of the vote against her five challengers, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Parker, however, received a disappointing 50.8 percent of the vote – an unimpressive share when compared to previous incumbents and her campaign's $2.3 million price tag.

One of the her rivals, Houston businessman Dave Wilson, routinely criticized Parker for promoting a “homosexual agenda.”

In a fundraising letter sent to supporters in July, Wilson said he knows of the incredible pain and sorrow that being “ensnared and trapped in homosexual behavior” has brought family members and friends.

“Religious freedom will be stifled and millions more will be trapped as the demand for legal and political approval for homosexual behavior increases.”

Wilson's attack, however, backfired as sympathetic donors rushed to Parker's side after she highlighted his remarks in a fundraising letter of her own.

In 2009, Wilson paid for 35,000 fliers calling on voters to reject Parker because she's gay.

Parker, who along with partner Kathy Hubbard is raising two adopted daughters and has raised a foster son, extended the city's anti-discrimination protections to include gender identity (transgender protections) during her first term as mayor.