Singer Elton John says he admires UK rugby star Ben Cohen's effort to end anti-gay bullying.

The 64-year-old Sir Elton, who with his partner, filmmaker David Furnish, earlier this year welcomed baby Zachary to their family, made his comments in an op-ed published Thursday in UK daily The Guardian.

“To become a parent is a blessing I never imagined might be bestowed upon me until recently. It's an awe-inspiring responsibility and both David and I are determined to fulfill that responsibility – not just to our son but to his generation. We want him to grow up in a Britain where every young person is not just loved as much as we love him, but is afforded fair treatment and respect. However, as we start thinking about Zachary's future education, it's clear that this Britain doesn't exist yet.”

Sir Elton went on to say that he feared his son would be bullied because he has two fathers.

“Homophobic bullying isn't only an enemy of kindness and respect, it's an enemy of attainment across the board.”

“I've got particular admiration for someone like Ben Cohen. This is a world-class, straight rugby star who has set up a foundation to support charities working around homophobic bullying. Now touring schools around the country, he understands that giving license to any sort of bullying makes all bullying acceptable.”

“But just like Ben, every one of us can make a difference,” Sir Elton added.